Monday, September 17, 2012


Summer Reading Assignment

Katniss- Catching Fire
Gale- Mockingjay

It was a dark and cloudy fall afternoon as Katniss was walking back with her hunting bag full. She is still lonely without her friends and family. She only has Peeta left, but he is still recovering from his torture in the capitol. Construction has taken place so that they can rebuild everything that was destroyed during the bombing.

Haymitch is back to his old ways, just drinking his liquor and trashing his house. He is even more miserable than before. As for Katniss she has made major improvements. She isn't as depressed as she was when she got back home. As for Peeta he is still having troubles figuring out what is real and what isn't. He is slowly progressing but it will take a while before he is fully recovered. Katniss and Peeta are now married.

As Katniss is walking she hears sounds behind her but. It sounds kind of like footsteps but she isn't sure. The sound of the steps gets closer and closer. In panic she progressively walks faster until she is in a full on spring. Then she hears a voice from the footsteps behind her and she freezes in place as she is thrilled to hear the voice.

The voice belongs to Gale. She cannot believe what she hears. She slowly turns her head. As she does so Gale slowly comes into view. Katniss’ face lights up with a huge smile on her face. “Hey” says Gale, but Katniss is too shocked to reply.

Gale is supposed to be at his new and fancy job back in district two. So why is he here? What is he doing? He speaks again. “I chose to quit my job at district two. I was able to raise enough money at my old job to buy one of the buildings they just finished. I'm going to start my families bakery up again.” Stunned Katniss can barely get the words out of her mouth. “T-T-Thats awesome.”

They continue to walk back to Katniss’ house, but most of the way there is silence. Then as the front door opens Katniss’ chin drops to the ground in complete happiness. Sitting in the rocking chair in the living room was her mother.

“Shes going to open a hospital of her own, also in district twelve.” Katniss is overloaded with joy. She doesn't know what to say or do. She feels like Peeta now. Clueless. Not knowing what is real and what isn’t.

Days have past now and Gale’s bakery is fully functional now. He has been successful so far with his business. The hospital is now just getting supplies in from the other districts.

Katniss is now back to hunting and going to the lake with Gale. They still get occasional visits from Beetee with newer bows, and a resupply of arrows. Panem is a much more peaceful place now. There is now a new president and everything is rebuilt.



  1. my personal reaction to your story was good
    my fav part was when u said he was drinking his liqur and trashing his house
    one thing i find distracting is the setting of the story

  2. After reading this i feel like i want to read more but i cant. I can see Katnis hunting with Gale. The beginning had great description of the setting. What make them seem real was Katnis's jaw dropping when she seen her mother. I think this story was good with proper grammer and puncuation.

  3. I saw this movie and I could picture the scene in the movie from the description you wrote. The detail is very good.

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  5. I agree with Anton this story was very good.