Friday, May 24, 2013

To kill a mockingbird rough draft essay

Quinton Dodge
May 22, 2013
Block B
To Kill a Mockingbird Essay

In life people go through many obstacles that can have an effect on them. In To Kill a Mockingbird, just about every character goes through an obstacle that changes them in at least one way, shape, or form.The character that goes through the most obstacles in the book is Tom Robinson.

One of the many obstacles is racism. He lives in a small town with lots of racist people! Because of this, he is accused of doing things that he doesn't do. One example from the book that shows racism is on page 49 when Scout says "Calpurnia says that's nigger-talk"

Another obstacle that Tom Robinson goes through in the story is the court case. During the court case he is accused many times for raping Mayella and giving her a black eye. The evidence however was on his side because Mayella's black eye is on her right side and Tom's left arm is crippled so therefore he couldn't have done this to her. Mayella's dad is left handed so he could've easily done this to her. The jury still convicts Tom guilty or raping her because he is black and a white jury isn't going to convict a white man of raping a white girl. One quote from the case on page 241 is "Who is ‘he'?" Mayella pointed to Tom Robinson. "I'll have to ask you to be more specific, please," said Mr. Gilmer. "The reporter can't put down gestures very well" "That'n yonder," she said. "Robinson"

A third and final obstacle that Tom goes through during the story is being crippled. His left arm causes him many difficulties because it is 12" shorter that his right. He isn't able to do the things a normal person would be able to do because of it. In order to move it, he has to pick it up with his right arm.

Those are three of the biggest obstacles in the story that Tom Robinson goes through. Because of these obstacles, Tom has changed as a person and learned to deal with them.


  1. 1.) Good thesis
    2.) "I'll have to ask you to be more specific, please," Yes Quinton be more specific
    3.) Well organized
    4.) Grammar

  2. 1) talks about how people go through obstacles everyday.
    2) "Calpurnia says that's nigger-talk" this is the best quote because it shows the racism toward black people, it is saying they have there own language.
    3) it is well organized, but it could have been longer.
    4) you could make each of your paragraphs a little longer.

  3. 1. The essay starts with describing how people go through obstacles everyday.
    2. i really liked your second quote it stood out to me. I like how you explained it and i really got your message across.
    3. i like how i could follow the reading. it is also very organized.
    4. might want to check for punctuation.

  4. 1. your essay thesis talks about the obstacles people go through every day.

    2. Your first quote is the best because it shows how people are quick to judge and segregate people.

    3. Your essay is really organized and easy to follow. Your quotes are well described.

    4. You should go back and check punctuation. Other than that your essay is very good !

  5. 1. It begins on a good topic of saying that people go through obstacles everyday. And im not to sure on what prompt he did.
    2. I think his best example was the second one cause he got really into detail with it.
    3. One of the things this essay did well with was choice of quotations.
    4. Something that couldve been improved was that he couldve typed more than what he did.

  6. 1)He starts his essay with his intro.
    2)One quote that stood out is that kids made rumors about Boo saying that he eats cats.
    3)one thing this essay does well is talk about the story.
    4)This essay could use improvement on it's length.

  7. 1. You have a great start
    2. I like the 2nd quote the best
    3. you organize the story very well
    4. I think the story should be longer

  8. 1.goood start in your story it and the qoutes
    3.the story was well organize
    4. i think the story was great