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JANUARY 9,2013


What do you think is valuable? Do you go by how much you use an item or how much a certain item costs? Well i go by both in different aspects. I value both priced and priceless items. I value my iPod touch 5th generation and my family because they are very loving and caring. I value my iPod 5th generation because it was very expensive. I value my family because they are the best.

My ipod touch 5th generation is very valuable to me because of various reasons. One reason is that it was very expensive. I got it for my 15th birthday. This is without a doubt the best gift i have gotten yet. It gives me resources and access to the internet. I can also play games and listen to music on it. It can be used to help with schoolwork or just be used to solve my own curiosity.

My family is very valuable and priceless to me. This is because they are always there for me and will do anything for me and visa versa. My family is goofy and very laid back. My family contains my dad, my mom, my brother, and my two dogs. My dogs are very hyper and caring. They are very protective of my family. My brother is an energy ball and if you want a workout than you can just try watching him for 10 minutes. I must admit that I am spoiled and get just about anything I want. I am very fortunate to have such an awesome family like mine.

These two items can be alike. A couple of ways that they are alike is that they are both extremely valuable to me. Both my family and my iPod touch 5th generation have a camera. They are also always very close to me 24/7.

Aside from my iPod touch 5th generation and my family having a couple of similarities they also have several differences. Some examples of the differences they have are that my family isn't rectangular or touchscreen. They also don't contain a home button. Another difference is that my family doesn’t need a black protective case on it. My iPod however isn't 5 feet tall and it doesn't have feet it can walk or run on.

Even though my iPod touch 5th generation and my family have many similarities and differences I value them both for their own reasons as I discussed earlier in the passage. They are the two most valuable things in the world to me. You cannot make them any better than they are because they are already perfect. I wouldn’t give them up for any other object or any amount of money in the world. They are always with me and too valuable to me to get rid of.

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